The HILO Booster Pump System Concept
A HILO booster pump system consists of high HP main pump[s] and a low HP jockey pump. It is

designed for applications which experience a large variation in water demand such as

schools, apartment buildings, condominiums, sport facilities, office buildings, etc.
What is a HILO Booster System?
The low HP jockey booster pump always starts first and handles all the off peak demand [which

exists during most part of the day and night]. The main pump[s] turn ON only when the

demand peaks, thus exceeding the capacity of the low HP Jockey pump.
Sequence of operation
The HILO concept COMPLEMENTS the operation of the VF drives.   The VF drive is set to

run the pump at a minimum set speed, gains, and ramp up time that is optimized to

enable the pump to respond accurately to changes in pressure  variations on the suction

side while maintaining constant pressure on the discharge side.

At startup, the high HP pump consumes half of full load amperes to satisfy any

demand. If this demand is small enough [off-peak] a low HP jockey pump will satisfy the

same demand with half of its own full load amperes, thus saving significant amount of energy.
The HILO concept can be applied to a variety of situations with fluctuation in demand:

Mansions - High end luxury homes with elaborate sprinkler system

Apartment & Condominium buildings

Office buildings


Hotels... and more
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