What is a Variable Speed Booster Pump System?
A Variable speed booster system boosts low water pressure in your home or building to supply:

- Constant pressure

- Regardless of varying demand and fluctuating incoming pressure

- With high energy savings

- And quiet operation

The main components of a typical variable speed booster system are:
Enables the pump to have a soft start/stop, thus reducing mechanical & electrical wear & tear on the pump, doubling the pump life in some

Converts the single phase power from the home to three phase power

Enables the pump to maintain constant pressure by varying the RPM [frequency] according to changing water demand
Variable Frequency Drive
Centrifugal pump
Energy Savings

Per the "Laws of Affinity", if the pump operates at 80% load, the energy consumption drops
down to 50%

A VF drive enables this variation in speed based on water demand by controlling the
frequency and voltage of electrical power supplied to the pump motor
Affinity Curve
Industrial grade centrifugal pump

Extremely quiet:        Less than 70 db noise [Conversation level]

No mechanical switches

Quiet spring loaded check valve

Three phase pump provides variable speed capability

Stainless steel impellers

Totally enclosed fan cooled motor

Self lubricating bearings - no maintenance required
Variable speed booster system
Easy to install: normally takes 3-5 hrs

Pump ramps up and down slowly when there is a demand for water - NO SPIKES !

Pneumatic expansion tank provides a water drawdown and air cushion to smoothen pump operation

Primed and painted steel frame resists rusting and corrosion

System is completely wired and tested at the factory

All components shown in the picture above are included with the system

Available in 115V [Non GFCI] or 220V [Single/Three phase] power option

Standard systems in stock and ready to ship
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