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commercial booster pumps

We specialize in building variable frequency drive booster pump systems for new commercial installations and to replace old and antiquated constant speed systems.

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residential booster pumps

Because you deserve a great shower, we'll help you choose the perfect booster pump system for your home.

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Unique OUTDOOR booster pump and enclosure packages that save on-site labor, time, space, and money.

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About Our Company

We started Towle Whitney in 1994 and concentrated on becoming a premier builder of water pressure booster pump systems. In the late ‘90s, we shifted the pump’s control systems from constant speed to the new variable speed (VFD) systems. It was clear that VFD boosters offered improved performance, lower horse power, long term savings on maintenance, and IMMEDIATE savings on electricity. We were in the right place when the technology shifted. Very simply, we pride ourselves on collaborating with mechanical contractors, engineers, architects, as well as the facility owners. Fifteen years later, we supply everything from 1/2 HP simplex systems for homes, to 50 HP HILO TRIPLEXES for high-rises. Along the way, we started building thermostatic mixing valves, which is shifting quickly to the digital ETS (Electronic Tempering Systems).

We consider ourselves a hybrid because we understand plumbing, mixing valves, and pumps. Our years in the plumbing industry give us the confidence and know-how when sizing up the building’s needs. And because we’ve gotten our hands dirty installing pumps and mixing valves, we know what contractors need when they get into a mechanical room. Every product is tested before leaving, because we’d rather find a problem here than half way around the world.